Keeping it Positive

standard_1500x1125_TeenOnDevicesThe folks at The Social Institute say they are on a mission to help students (and their role models) navigate social media responsibly and positively.  This article by the company’s founder notes what teens get right about social media – and how we can use that to inform our own efforts to guide them.  She notes that we often spend our energies teaching kids how not to use social media (don’t post anything mean, don’t sext, don’t…) instead of teaching them how to use it positively (follow positive role models, share your congratulations, etc).  It’s refreshing to see this upbeat and realistic support for parents as they navigate social media challenges alongside their children.

[The Social Institute operates using a membership fee which provides access to tools like “Huddles” where parents will find conversation guides about tricky social media situations and their “Platform Playbooks” with in depth guides and reviews of popular apps.]

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