What’s PSTT Been Up To?

It’s been a productive fall for PSTT! In September, we did a presentation at the MUHS 9th Grade Orientation called “Teens & Their Screens” about how parents, at home and in partnership with school, can support students in having healthy balance with their devices.

In October, we facilitated a discussion with parents and educators at Mary Johnson Children’s Center. Hot topics included how to manage our own device use in front of our kids (easy for exactly none of us), limit-setting techniques for preschoolers and older kids, and tips and tricks for a less tempting tech-life (e.g. “dumbphones,” slower-paced/ad-free shows and games, and screen-free zones in our homes).

We also drafted a guest post for the MUHS newsletter about hacks some teens are using to minimize distraction from their phones, and we’re working on mindful tech curriculum units for some upcoming Advisory sessions there.

What’s next? The big news is that we’re working on bringing the much-anticipated new Screenagers film–and maybe a reprise of the original one–to Middlebury! Stay tuned for dates, times, and locations (suggestions welcome on the wheres and whens).

What else should we be working on? Keep in touch so we know what’s important to you and your family!flipchart


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