About Us

Let’s do this whole technology thing intentionally…

We are a group of parents, teachers and other community members connecting in the interest of creating a healthy tech environment for our kids, at home and at school.  Focused on learning and support, we come together to become better informed about best practices surrounding the use of smartphones, social media and other tech topics du jour.

What practices do you follow in your family? What questions or concerns do you have? We aim to create a safe space to air out your worries and share thoughts and resources. We hope that by gathering a number of parents willing to support each other and their children in applying common-sense guidelines surrounding the use of technology, we might be able to dial back the potential for mental and physical harm in our student body.

We plan on hosting organized events when possible to bring together experts, parents and community members to discuss topics surrounding technology. We intend to work in conjunction with our school system as appropriate to reduce the overuse of technology, particularly of social media, during the school day.

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