About Us

Let’s do this whole technology thing intentionally…

We’re a group of parents, educators, and other community members connecting in the interest of fostering a healthy tech environment for our kids–at home and at school.  Focused on learning and support, we collaborate to become better informed about best practices surrounding the use of smartphones, social media, and other tech topics du jour.

What practices do you follow in your family? What questions or concerns do you have? We offer a safe space to air out your worries and to share thoughts and resources. By gathering adults who are willing to support each other and our children in applying common-sense guidelines surrounding the use of technology, we aim to contribute to mental and physical wellness in our community.

We organize events from time to time, bringing together experts and community members to discuss topics surrounding technology. We also work in conjunction with our schools and school district to bring greater intentionality to technology in the school setting.

Samantha, Amy & Julie–meeting unplugged!



Our founders are available to attend your school or community meeting. Check out our Events page for examples of our programming, and reach out via our contact page to ask how we can support your event or group discussion.

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