WEBSITES: These sites dig into the parenting challenges of finding balance in a technological world. If you have other suggested sites, please get in touch!

  • PSTT Brainstorm Notes from the first PSTT event 2/12/18
  • CommonSense Media: One of the most thorough resources out there.  “Parents’ ultimate guide to…” reviews of apps, movies and other media.  Articles on a host of screen time parenting challenges, searchable by topic, by child’s age and more.
  • Raising Digital Natives is a blog by Screenwise author Devorah Heitner.  Her approach focuses on mentoring and communication.
  • Screenagers’ resources page and their Tech Talk Tuesdays blog providing weekly conversation ideas for open communication with teens about tech.
  • Wait Until 8th provides support for families looking to wait on smartphones until at least 8th grade.
  • Away for the Day is a national campaign giving parents the tools to support schools in limiting the use of personal devices.
  • Cyberwise is a non-profit aimed at helping families use tech “safely and wisely.”  It is similar to CommonSense Media; if one resource doesn’t have the info you need the other might.  Of particular interest might be their Chats:  30 minute video events featuring a different tech topic and panel of experts the first Tuesday of each month, and their Learning Hubs: quick reads about a large variety of topics from cyberbullying to TikTok.


ARTICLES we often return to:

Books we’ve read and found thought provoking:

  • Screenwise by Devorah Heitner
  • Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

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